It is important to do weekly maintenance on your devices and equipment to ensure you are getting the best results possible.

*If you are using a VPN please try turning it off and see if that helps...VPN's are known to slow down internet speeds by as much as 80% which will obviously make your service buffer.

We suggest the following steps be preformed at least once per week:

*Resetting your Internet Router and Modem - Unplug the router and modem, let them stay unplugged for a minimum of 30 seconds before plugging back in.

*Unplug your device and let it cycle through a new boot up. this will help ensure it is connecting to the wifi at its fastest speeds possible as well and closing out any unused apps that may have been running in the background.

*Clear the Cache within the App - Go into your device setting and locate the Progotv App, then look for the storage or data section, find the "Cache" folder and clear the Cache. this helps the app stay clean and able to pull in the data needed.

*Keep your device clean - Uninstall all unneeded apps. The device itself can be slowed down by other apps using its resources to compute the incoming data.

Other helpful tips...

Hardwire your internet to your device if possible to help bring in the fasted data possible.

If no hardwire is possible then make sure you are using your 5ghz connection on your wifi settings as that will pull in the fastest speeds.

Get the fasted internet you can! - No really, we mean it!! This is going to make all the difference we promise! If possible please upgrade your internet package to the highest speeds in your budget.

Upgrade your Wifi router to match your internet speeds - if you are using a router that is more than a few years old its recommended to look at upgrading to a newer version that can support the faster speeds of wifi you need to push to the devices.
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